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About Adoption

Adoption Requirements
Things You will Need

  • No children under seven years of age.
  • You will want to research the breed to find out if it is the right type of dog for you and your family. A very good resource is Racing Greyhounds for Dummies.
  • Landlord approval if you rent
  • A completely and securely fenced yard (fence should be a minimum of 5’ tall)
  • Access in and out of the house for your greyhound if you are gone for several hours at a time (this does NOT include garages)
  • A martingale or harness for walking your greyhound
  • A leash no longer than 6’, preferably 4’
  • A raised feeding dish
  • Patience for your new family member, while he/she adjusts to a new environment

Things You should Know

  • Your greyhound will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped prior to adoption.
  • Your greyhound will also have had a blood panel, heart worm, valley fever and tick tests performed prior to adoption.
  • At the time of adoption, you will be signing a contract that indicates you agree to not let your greyhound off leash, unless he/she is in a fenced/confined area.
  • Retractable leashes and tie-outs are giant “no-no’s” for a dog who can reach full speed in 3 strides.
  • Your greyhound will come with a regular collar that has a Homestretch tag, as well as a tag with microchip information. You will want to get an additional tag with your contact information.
  • A greyhound’s heads is smaller than his/her neck. This means they can easily slip a regular collar. A martingale (greyhound collar) or a harness will keep your fur kid safer while you are out and about together.
  • If the adoption doesn't work out or if you ever have to give your greyhound up, he/she must come back to Homestretch.


Steps to Adoption

1. Application

You can fill out an application (below) online, print one out and fax or mail it to Homestretch or fill one out at a meet & greet (see events page). Yes, it is like adopting a child… only furrier.

2. Home check

Looking at yard safety, potential hazards, fence height, etc.. Homestretch reps. are not looking to see if you clean your house. Promise!

3. Choosing the “Right” Greyhound

It is in everyone’s best interest if the greyhound and all other family members (including, children, other dogs and cats) all get along. It is also important to have a dog who is compatible with your lifestyle. Homestretch representatives do not necessarily “pick” the dog for you, but will do their best to point you in the direction of a dog or dogs who will better fit your situation. This does mean that you may be denied the adoption of a particular dog, if it is thought there may be compatibility problems. But, like mothers are famous for saying, “it’s for your own good!”.

4. Completing the Adoption

There will be an adoption contract to sign indicating among other things:

  • your greyhound is to be kept as a household companion, never to be used for racing, hunting or research
  • your greyhound will not be allowed off leash in an unfenced area
  • if, for any reason, you are no longer able/willing to house your greyhound, the dog will be returned to The Homestretch Greyhound Rescue & Adoption
  • the greyhound will never be taken to an animal regulatory agency, Humane Society or other shelter
  • there will be an adoption donation that is fully tax-deductible, but non-refundable
5. Follow-up

A Homestretch representative will call you approximately 1 week after the “eventful day”, to see if there are any concerns or questions that need addressing. Then you will be left alone to live your life. If you should have any questions, problems or concerns regarding your greyhound after adoption, you are always welcome to call or email. We like to hear the good stuff, too (hint, hint).


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