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Volunteer Opportunities  
Meet and Greet Events
Homestretch provides only five or six Meet and Greet events each month. Volunteers can help with these events and soon thereafter arrange for events at new locations. So few people are familiar with greyhounds and what great companion animals they make, we need additional exposure to encourage more adoptions.
Homestretch has a limited ability to house greyhounds while they are waiting to be adopted. Every foster home we have, means that one less greyhound is going to be left at the track.
Special Events
Two or three times a year Homestretch participates in events that raise awareness of greyhound adoption. Some events, like the Big dog Parade in Santa Barbara, are just plain fun. Others, like the PETCO Foundation Greyhound Planet Week, are opportunities to "sell" the greyhound adoption story to the general public and raise money for Homestretch.
Monetary Donations
Use PayPal

By far the largest single expense in providing greyhounds for adoption are veterinary bills. Much of the average per greyhound cost of $700 is related to testing and treating for diseases and spay and neuter surgery. All forms of donations: cash, stock, bonds, insurance and bequests are greatly needed and appreciated. You may make a Donation using PayPal. Receipts are sent for all donations.

A percentage of everything you purchase online will be automatically donated to Homestretch Greyhound

Homestretch can use Dog Beds, Blankets Leashes, Collars and Toys that are in good condition.
Vehicles for Homestretch Use
Homestretch volunteers put over 150,000 miles on their vehicles each year taking greyhounds to Meet and Greet events. If you have a van or suv in good running condition, it can help with our huge transportation problem.
If you have a vehicle you are no longer using, it can be turned into cash for Homestretch by donating it to Cars for Causes.