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Advocacy and Support
Northcoast Greyhounds' offers unique gifts and Unusual Jewels to benefit of greyhound rescue organizations like Homestretch. They have contributed more than $225,000 in the 8 years since they began- all thanks to loyal customers. Please visit and bookmark NCG's website and return for guilt-free shopping when you need a gift or deserve a reward of your own. Their motto: "If you don't spend it with us, we can't give it away!"
The Greyhound Project would like to show you how retired racing Greyhounds become wonderful pets. Please take our tour, learn a bit more about them, then see where you can adopt one
Greyhound Network News is a newsletter published in Phoenix since 1992. The newsletter was founded in response to the January 1992 Chandler Heights, Arizona, massacre of 143 racing greyhounds. GNN is an independent entity but works closely with other greyhound advocacy groups, especially the California-based Greyhound Protection League. Read it and find out what the racing industry is doing to the greyhounds.
NEEDLE NOSE CREW, ("NNC"), a Greyhound adoption information organization, began as a grass roots volunteer group in 1994. The mission of the NNC is to assist Greyhound adoption and rescue agencies in the placement of ex-racing Greyhounds in loving homes through public awareness programs, shows, special events, and advertising
Across the country, GREY2K USA is achieving victories for greyhound protection. From informing the media about greyhound abuse to defeating industry bills that would subsidize racing cruelty, we are hard at work to end dog racing.
If you want to know what's bad about Greyhound Racing, then this is the site for you. Be forewarned, the statistics are very depressing and anger management is a requirement or you will soon be running your own rescue, or at least have haalf a dozen adopted greyhounds. This site is great, the dog racing industry that needs to find a humane and honorable way to make a living and stop the abuse.
Greyhound Data provides information about greyhounds from all over the world and drawn from the last four centuries. Available are 1,630,611 race results and 1,072,567 greyhound pedigrees
Rescue and Adoption
Greyhound Adoption League is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was established by Lorri & Gary Tracy in 1985. Each year GAL transports and or places hundreds of greyhounds out of the Tucson area. GAL maintains contact with the breeders, trainers and the Tucson Greyhound Park personnel to try and ensure that the dogs waiting to come in are cared for and that the maximum number of greyhounds are recovered each month.
Southern California Greyhound Adoption League was formed with the primary purpose of assisting in the placement of ex-racing greyhounds by fostering Hemopet long-term kennel residents and owner returned greyhound companions. When a foster home is open and no appropriate Hemopet greyhound is available, a greyhound is transferred from Greyhound Adoption League of Tucson , Arizona . We have foster homes in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.
Operation Greyhound is a Greyhound Rescue organization operating in San Diego, California. We adopt primarily to people in Southern California in order to provide support services. We refer adoptions outside Southern California to and are affiliated with the National Greyhound Adoption Network. Operation Greyhound has placed 1700+ dogs in Southern California and counting!
Our love of greyhounds and concern for their plight drew us to their cousins in Spain - the Galgos. The Galgo Rescue International Network (G.R.I.N.) was founded to establish a relationship between the galgo shelters in Spain and animal lovers in the United States and around the world.
We are mostly volunteers with other jobs and careers, working for the greyhounds in our spare time. GIN is a member of the International and London Greyhound Forums, chaired by the Dogs' Trust and comprised, amongst others, of representatives of the major animal welfare groups such as the R.S.P.C.A., I.S.P.C.A., Battersea Dogs Home, Blue Cross, as well as members of The British Greyhound Racing Board and National Greyhound Racing Club.
GreySave is a Southern California-based greyhound rescue, adoption and support group.GreySave places former racing and otherwise abandoned or unwanted greyhounds into loving homes in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Santa Barbara Counties.
Greyhound & Pet Products
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For 8 years, Duds 4 Buds has been at the forefront in style and design, creating a line of high quality, durable apparel that is both comfortable and beautiful, for our four-legged friends. The CEO of Duds 4 Buds, Sami, was a greyhound, so Duds 4 Buds naturally started with the greyhound form.
FastJack pet and doggie sportswear and pet "goodies". Good looking and humorous silk screen designs on t-shirts and sweatshirts.